SnowRunner – Mudtruck Chevy V1.0.0

Mudtruck Chevy V1.0.0 mod for SnowRunner.
Hey guys! It’s ya booyyyyyy Stan! Finally got this shit kinda figured out. Here we got a heavy edit of the chevy and this one the Subscribe button SHOULD work. This here Chevy is lifted, setup for 59’s on the Ultimate suspension or 48’s on the raised suspension. We also got some more addons. You’re able to add stacks (IF YOU WANT), its got my winches in it for scout vehicles, and updated fuel capacity. Now, I know that there may or may not be some problems. But, its here, its big, its bad. Make sure you got my engines pack to give it that extra UMPFFFF along with my tires. You guys fueled me to try to figure this shit out, so don’t hate on it to terribly bad. If you guys run into any problems, please notify me so that I can look into it and try to fix it. Also taking suggestions (currently just able to do the vanilla vehicles). So if you’re looking for something that’s a little taller, a little more aggressive, ect, let me know. Lets see if I did it right! Thanks guys! Take ‘er easy.


File Detail: 63.4 MB / ZIP
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