SnowRunner – November Community Update

Hello, SnowRunners!
November is almost over and we are one month closer to the launch of SnowRunner! We have brand new screenshots to share and some exciting announcements for you this month, so let’s dig in!

SnowRunner will feature three regions at launch – Michigan, Alaska, and Taymir – each consisting of several maps, many of them several times larger than those in MudRunner. Last month we showed you some shots of Michigan, so this month, we’d like to show off the snowy wonderland that is Alaska!

Living out here is no joke. Bring a thermos.

The vast white wilderness awaits you.

Thankfully the ice is thick.

Road Closed. Do we care? Not really.

DAN 96320
What vehicle better to brave the snow with than the DAN 96320. This repurposed Russian missile vehicle might not win any beauty contests but it will carry your cargo through the most hostile of environments.

As always, it’s been a busy month for the development team, which is focusing on matchmaking and voice chat. We consider Multiplayer an essential part of SnowRunner, and we know a huge portion of the MudRunner community enjoys playing with friends. Gone will be the days of “ghost trucks” floating over mud. Not only will other trucks clearly affect the environment around them, we also want players to have solid tools to make playing with friends a breeze.

We hope this brief excursion into Alaska has been enjoyable! If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to join our Discord to hang out with other drivers, players, and the team.

SnowRunner Mods

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