SnowRunner – Untitled Goose Honk V1.2.0

Untitled Goose Honk V1.2.0 mod for SnowRunner.
To install you will need WinRAR:

Download the zip associated to the truck you want to goose, or choose Small for all the small scout trucks, and Med for medium sized trucks.

Unzip <truck_name> somewhere
Go to SnowRunner file location (Normally C:Program FilesEpic GamesSnowRunner)
Go into en_uspreloadpaksclient
Take a backup of shared_sound.pak
Open shared_sound.pak with WinRARand go to [sound]trucks Drag the unzipped file into the WinRAR package and click on OK to the prompt
Wait a short time
Start the game and get honking

Current list of goosed trucks:
Small trucks:
Khan 39 Marshall
Chevrolet CK1500
Don 71
Hummer H2
International Scout 800
Khan Lo4F
Tuz 166
Yar 87

Medium trucks:
Fleetster F2070A
Ank MK38
Azov 5319
Azov 64131
Azov 73210
Cat CT680
Chevrolet Kodiak C70
Ford DT9000
Freightliner 114SD
Freightliner M916A1
GMC 9500
International Loadster 1700
International Payster 5070
International Transter 4070a
Step 310e
Voron AE4380
Voron D53233
Voron Grad
White Western Star 4964
Ziks 5368

(NOTE: I am struggling to get a large enough sound out of the honk at the moment to warrant adding large trucks, but rest assured I am working on it!)


File Detail:277 KB / RAR
SnowRunner – Untitled Goose Honk V1.2.0 Download File
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