SnowRunner – Voron-AE4380 Modified Truck V1.2A

Voron-AE4380 Modified Truck 1.2A mod for SnowRunner. Voron AE-4380 has the longest frame among standard RU trucks, so I figured it was only fair that at least one of them could still use trailers when equipped with mini crane and sideboard bed. Especially when sideboard bed on it stands out just marginally further than on Fleetstar F2070A. Still I made some corrections in offset values to get both crane(s) and bed a bit closer to cabin. I’ve also added US mini crane as a possible add-on to Voron AE-4380 since I prefer it over RU mini crane due to design, color and, actually, usability – it extends further! Version 1.2A Changes: 1. Added another option for the suspension – active. You can raise or lower you truck via Functions Menu (“V” by default) StockHigh suspensions properties were not changed. ps. There is no proper description for active suspension in Functions and in tuning section – it is only generic. Haven’t figured out how to edit it yet… Version 1.2 Changes: 1. Updated to 6.0 version of the game. 2. Weight distribution rebalance. Version 1.1 Changes: 1. Moved RU mini crane + sideboard combo a bit further to the front. 2. Moved US/RU mini cranes to the middle of the chassis when used with saddles. 3. Changed standard low saddle to “high” low saddle, like the one Fleetstar F2070A uses. 4. Can tow scout trailers.


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