Special Vojvodina Map


Farming Simulator 2013 V2.0 tested.

New in v 2.2 version:
– Fixed beef price (now is real price, not 1 $ per beef)
– Misch station shaders, textures and particle i3d (now log file is clean)
– Added some muds in fields
– Added one bridge
– Added selling point for grass and straw directly from trailers (do not have to bale and use telehandler, simply pick up straw and grass with the trailer and unload)
Official Serbian modding team, Team 6, s3rious, dammir, imt542, sakuljan, maky355, vedo
Farming simulator 2013 map mod
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sgmods tested, it works

How To Install Mods:
Downloaded zip file, My Documents> My Games> Farming Simulator 2013> Mods. Folder. Then, by logging in to the game, buy the mod Farm Shop
Download Link: 188  MB
Original Link

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