SpinTires – In The Forbidden Zone 7 Map V1.0

In The Forbidden Zone 7 Map mod for Spintires.
Another card from my series on the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Now this is Yanov Station. Those who know the game will probably recognize familiar places. And who does not – go at random!)

A simple and not very dirty card of maximum size, it won’t take a lot of time for you, default is possible. The map was tested by the transport that is on the map, which I recommend changing to your mods. I didn’t add thematic vehicles to the map. Players themselves will decide what to ride on. It is advisable to choose a car with a non-standard load: plates, pipes, bricks, gravel, gravel and so on.

On the map:
– 4 cars at the start (replaceable);
– 4 cars are on the map;
– 2 garages (closed);
– 1 gas station;
– 8 intelligence points;
– 3 points of manual loading;
– 1 lumbering;
– 6 sawmills.

Lone Wanderer

File Detail:342.3 MB / 7Z
SpinTires – In The Forbidden Zone 7 Map V1.0 Download File
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