SpinTires – KrAZ-260 Naftovik Truck V1.0

KrAZ-260 “Naftovik” Truck v1.0 mod for Spintires.
I present to you the KrAZ 260 assembly on the topic of “oil production” which includes two KrAZ-260 trucks (53 add-ons) and KrAZ 260 with a berth (33 add-ons)

Suitable as a first-class tanker with a variety of tanks for taste and color, as well as various utilitarian add-ons. You can also just carry the forest; the guys from the well-known oil company “financed” the timber add-ons, because the naftoviks in the tundra also need wood. You can use the “plot” on maps such as: Gas pipeline, Gazprom, The North Russia, and others.

The author of the original models – SuMrak (Link to the original)
The 260th model with a sleeping bag is an envelope from Spintires Mudrunner, with all that it implies – namely: 1- Pashka’s unwillingness to drive; 2 – non-attachment of cardans (the benefit on this model is not very noticeable) Of course, I would like to see an official envelope from the author – alas – this request has been answered for more than a year now.

The author of the Rosneft texture is Sergey Nekrasov (Link to the original)

The materials of such authors as SuMrak, msergt, Armata, Sergey Nekrasov were also used, alas, I don’t know for sure


File Detail: 111.7 MB / ZIP
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