SpinTires – Man Tga 264.840 Truck v3.0

MAN TGA 264.840 Truck v3.0 mod for Spintires.
I am a beginner model, do not judge strictly.
The mod has 3 add-ons and 4 pairs of wheels.
Nothing replaces.

Version 3.0 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):
Hello. Here comes the update for Man 3.0. We can say that the model is made almost from scratch:
The mod has animation gimbal and cockpit.
1) modified suspension
2) changed the weight of the machine
3) changed the texture to blue. Author texture Tosha-70rus but with my revision.
4) added and removed addons. Addons Authors: Master Shadow and Nikolai Dumka
5) remove excess wheels; left only highway, with chains, and spike.
6) changed the texture and buttons tidy in the cabin. Became more clearly.
7) add-ons will be added as time progresses.
8) did the Russification addons.
I want to say a big thank you to those who helped in modifying the mod: solo, ARMATA, iberi, Leg_Gen, bpesk, Soul Reaver.
I hope you enjoy my revision. Write your opinion. All happiness and health!
Review of the video will be soon.


File Detail:65.6 MB / ZIP
SpinTires – Man Tga 264.840 Truck v3.0 Download File

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