SpinTires – Mersedes-Benz Zetros + Iveco Strator v2.7.9

Mersedes-Benz Zetros + Iveco Strator v2.7.9 mod for Spintires.
Each truck has its own add-ons, designed for its characteristics and functions.
Each truck is designed for its own purposes:
1st Ascent, rescue and intelligence.
2nd Auxiliary and cargo transportation.
Improved lighting, where not – added, and where should not be – removed.
Fixed errors with the installation of add-ons: now there are no problems with mudguards in the wheels, the load does not stick out of the bodies, etc.

The added body from the Zil-131 from the card “Special breed. Processing”, still remained. You can carry loads with a bar on these Mercedes. The body will appear only for those who download the map or who already have it.
This mod is not tested. If there are errors, I apologize.

Mercedes car park now consists of 3 types of cars: 1 – Truck crane, repair service. 2 – Roadway with modified axes and correctly installed mods. 3 – Mixed type with additional load from version 1.1 Lite.
Now this model is not only for off-road driving, but also feels rather well on the track.

Revision of Iveko Strator, of course, is now required, but fewer now, addons have been added, light has been added where it hasn’t been improved.
where was
Improved patency
Improved motor, not each.
Improved gearbox for both.
Different models have different addons. 3 of their own and for 2×2 and 13 other add-ons for 2×4 3 of their own and 35 others
Bumper with lighting “Night Ghost” There are included in their own add-ons, the lighting has already been added by me separately.
View from the inside there.

Added Patch SpinTires +, in order to further improve the patency of cars. Installed on request.

Original author: Stal74WDM
Author versions 1.7 and 1.1 Lite: Nicklegosta
By Iveko Strator: lexa
Author and editor: aleks nevz
By textures, lighting, physics: aleks nevz
P.S. If one of the authors did not indicate – sorry, but from whom I took the mod – indicated. There the list of authors was listed.

Version 2.7.9 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):
The following changes in this update:

1: Removed Iveco, which annoyed everyone so much.
2: Removed unnecessary addons.
3: Partially changed textures, now the car is painted in the color “Dark night”
4: Changed and reconfigured car physics. Now softer and more appropriate cars for their intended use.
5: Headlamps, lighting and positioning corrected and reconfigured. Adjustment made for each car separately. Depending on its purpose.
6: Some add-ons have been migrated and corrected, and in particular – Crane and rembudka, on model E and E1.
Now the crane also has its own lighting, headlamp, and night lighting. A MOST IMPORTANT – in the crane mode, you can sit in the cockpit of the crane and see all the actions from there. The loader of the booth has been tweaked, it has become stronger and can even pick up short logs. Reduced the weight of the crane, slightly added to the booth.
7: Reduced the weight of the car model E and E1. Also made more resistant to rollover.

aleks nevz

File Detail:423.4 MB / ZIP
SpinTires – Mersedes-Benz Zetros + Iveco Strator v2.7.9 Download File
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