Spintires – Montagne DI Trento Map

Montange di Trento is a mountainous map inspired in the north of Italy, designed to be a natural environment using the generator of terrain World Machine. Its surface is full of small hills and many paths to go, it is not a difficult map but it is attractive to walk all your ways or try to cross the dense forest.

Status report:

The intense rains have caused the desvorde of a lake in the mountain that has opened step down, the reinforcements below tried to contain the water but it was not possible, now the water looks for a new place of rest below. Some roads were impassable, there were minor landslides and many broken pines leaving branches on the roads of the northwest and east of the region, also many deep cracks have been seen due to the erosion of the water. Some houses were destroyed by the storm and now the loggers will have to work hard. Your job is to make a reconnaissance of the roads to choose the best route to transfer the logs to the sawmills. Enjoy the ride.

Optional Objectives:

Find the 4 broken houses.
Find the 2 Bathrooms.
Find the observation tower on the closed path.
Find the Observation Tower at the highest point.
It crosses the dense forest from north to south (in its longest extension).
Finish the Map without unlocking any cloaking points.

T. Jacob

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