SpinTires Mudrunner – Arched Wheels (4 Colors) v0.2

Arched Wheels (4 Colors) v0.2 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Register for a car, did not! Because there is no choice, as in SpinTires, register yourself, to whom it will be desirable for what mode, it is not difficult!

Open the car file with any text editor, at: Steam steamapps common Spintires MudRunner Media classes trucks, gaz66 for example, find the lines: Type = “gaz_rear”; Type = “gaz_front” and change their names (gaz_rear and gaz_front), to the names of the wheels in the folder: Steam steamapps common Spintires MudRunner Wheels classes wheels – from the downloaded archive (arok_wheel_blue, arok_wheel_green …), without forgetting at the same time, extract these files to the Media folder, at the root of the game!

Yura Ismailov, Alexey Bochkov, Maxim Panov

File Detail: 15.6 MB / RAR
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