SpinTires Mudrunner – Base Manager Map v3.0

Base Manager Map v3.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
You have been appointed head of the previously abandoned supply base and you have a busy time. Large people from above decided to restore the station and objects in the district, your task is to complete all the tasks from the top. And the tasks you have are:

1. Take fuel to the prospectors of 10 barrels
2. Take the coils with the cable to the signalmen 6 pcs.
3. Take blocks of concrete to the construction site (the military builds there either a locator, or something else – a military secret) 10 pcs.
4. Bring the forest from logging 10 logs to the logging site
5. Bring the pipes from the unfinished gas pipeline (the diameter you see is not the same – the larger diameter of the pipe was assembled) 8 pieces to hand over the warehouse
6. Bring coal to your boiler house (the mine was kind of run)
7. Take equipment (boxes on the base) to geologists 10 pcs.

We will carry the cargo dynamic – load EO-3323 (author Glushak) New Holland W170C (Authors: chekhrak, Psix19rus, yansors) К-700
default (modification of the loader Shashok75) everything is already in the archive

There are 6 slots for your transport, you need to have a dumper and a log truck or a semi-trailer for transporting pipes
1 garage (outdoor)
1 refueling

The trailer260 is ideal for transportation of pipes – it is put on all modes having defaulted semi-trailers, the trailer Pricep_bort is suitable for transportation of everything (it has a stopper of the front cart for convenience when maneuvering in reverse) read the description below, addon Samosval (author chekhrak) is put on the default KrAZ-255

The card was tested for Kraz-260 / 260V (author msergt) Kraz-6510 / 256B2 (author chekhrak) MAZ-502 (author of pokemone)

During the testing of the card it was found out that it is easier to carry most of the goods on dump trucks or take a trailer, you can leave the car with the load right at the place of unloading (machines are sufficient for this), the loading zones at all the slots standing on the sawmills are large enough to not be unloaded by an excavator on the spot, the semitrailers with the pipes are placed around the cover and uncoupled. Pipes can be carried in any quantity (I drove for 4) the excavator can unload them – all cargoes should be placed around the slots in the sawmills. I can give a guarantee only for dump trucks mentioned above – in that they can pour out all cargo
The points of reconnaissance are mainly located there, from where or where it is necessary to bring cargo
Prepare fuel and repair – you will need it)))

Those who do not want (can not) load into manual (skill, of course, a certain need), please pass by
Multiplayer was not tested
Have a good game!

Version 3.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):

Autumn version of the map added


File Detail:251.7 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Base Manager Map v3.0 Download File

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