SpinTires Mudrunner – Breda Pass Map

Breda Pass Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Welcome to the company “Lumberjack-X”, in connection with the expansion of our organization is the recruitment of real men. People with a weak psyche immediately warned that the proposed work for real men.

As usual, at the beginning of your wonderful career, 3 brand new trucks are waiting for you straight from the factory and you should not deprive yourself of a scout who is not of the first freshness. But with him it will be easier to find out what’s what.

From the last report of the previous brigade:
Comrades right to the point, the fuel truck is located at one local resident who lives not far from the first garage, which you will meet on your way. GAZ-66 has repair parts, but Vanka the prankster left her for mushrooms, and when the cart came to get home, he left her in the forest. Although he was told that there are no mushrooms!
Who knows what kind of mushrooms he was looking for

Oh yes, there was a car from the neighboring town with garage parts, just for a new brigade.
But her way was not easy, as a result of a complete breakdown of the car and an empty tank.

The most important thing in the process of work is not to think of saying the word “nonsense”, just be sure to get into a not very pleasant situation.

I wish you pleasant work and good luck, Veniamin the Pioneers.

On the map:
– 2 Garages (closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 1 Loading Point + automatic loading point for Arcade
– 6 Sawmills
– 7 points of intelligence
– 4 cars at the start (replaceable) + 4 cars on the map

Size: 32 x 32


File Detail:47.7 MB / ZIP
SpinTires Mudrunner – Breda Pass Map Download File

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