Spintires Mudrunner – Dynamic Weather V1.0 (22.03.18)

Dynamic Weather mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

“Dynamic weather” includes: 
– Dynamic rain generator, from light to heavy rainfall with storm effect
– Dynamic wind generator, capable of generating strong gusts and turbulent winds
– Dynamic generator of thunder and lightning with moving storm fronts
– Dynamic mud generator. Replaces by default to more complex, with dirt, spray and splashes
– Dynamic water generator replaces by default for more complex and realistic water spray effect
– New mud and water physics for more complex realistic gameplay

This is a very complex weather generator capable of creating any weather from a sunny day to an extremely violent thunderstorm and a rain of biblical proportions with strong winds. The storms have a center that moves slowly, and the wind comes from this point along with the potential random side wind to revive things. The wind, like any rain that can fall, depends on everything, from exhaust gases, leaves, dirt to water particles. The Dynamic Mud system is tied to a weather generator, so that over time the land becomes impregnated, turning what will normally be dirt in the mud and makes the dirt smoother. Thanks to the new features in ST: M, heavy rain affects how much the slippery terrain will add a new level of integration!

Dynamic dirt has also improved significantly and, thanks to the included additional graphics, ST: M now produces pieces and droplets of dirt that fall (or are discarded) onto the wheel and stick to it. The size, color and texture depend on how deep the wheel was in the mud or how much dirt was displaced.

Can be combined with any modes to change the weather: adjust fog, brightness of the sun, etc. Mode

Control: The mod is activated and deactivated by pressing the “G” button (signal in the game) by pressing the keyboard.

Method of installation:
Move the contents of the Media folder to Media.zip game archive
Move the contents of the TextureCache folder to the TextureCache.zip games

Warning! Before installing the mod, make a backup copy of these folders!


Spintires Mudrunner – Dynamic Weather V1.0 (22.03.18) Download File

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