Spintires Mudrunner – Eleazovo – Repair Work Map v1.0

Eleazovo – Repair Work Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Guys! There is a new work! Quite a little hack! Literally 3 orders, and the territory is quite small .. Asphalt road, almost no dirt … But to one of the sawmills, dug up the road, there will have to detour through the ford .. Who to throw? Order is on the base, take it!
PS – 12×12 Map
It is possible on any transport, but I advise you to take the Urals to the last sawmill, etc.
No bugs or bugs were found.

1 Outdoor garage (with two cars).
1 Loading point (Kiosk + automatic).
4 Other machines on the map (including Kirovets).
1 Refueling.
3 Sawmills (Spread across the map).

Весёлый Одиночка

Spintires Mudrunner – Eleazovo – Repair Work Map v1.0 Download File

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