Spintires Mudrunner – Files for Installing Mods V2

Files for Installing mods for Spintires Mudrunner.

This material is for those who have difficulty in installing mods for playing Spintires: MudRunner.

The archive contains the empty Media folder and the file and the corrected Config.xml – the line is added:

<MediaPath Path=”Media” />

Of course, many players can do it themselves, but there are also those who have difficulties.

Installation: unpack the contents of the archive into the folder with the game, agreeing to a replacement. Now you will have in the folder with the game habitual Media folder, in which you can install the mod.

Version 2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18):
Updated for version 29.01.18 – after updating on the licensed version, Config.xml has changed and it again needs to add <MediaPath Path=”Media” />or replace it with a file from the archive.

Published, because many are experiencing difficulties with this ..


Spintires Mudrunner – Files for Installing Mods V2 Download File

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