SpinTires Mudrunner – Forgotten Taiga 3 Map (Hard) v1.0

Forgotten Taiga 3 Map (Hard) v1.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION, before downloading the map, the HARD map. So that later there would be no unnecessary questions. The map is COMPLEX, there are many complex narrow sections of roads, bridges and in that spirit. With logging two exits. Kindergarten and people with weak nerves and psyche, I DO NOT ADVISE AT ALL TO DOWNLOAD THIS CARD, tk. I repeat – there are difficult sections of roads. Lovers of barking and “relaxing” will not work.

Now, lovers of riding not only on smooth roads, but also on complex maps, where you need to stupidly press the pedal to the floor and not thinking to fly to unload, and quietly, slowly, wisely drag the forest. The whole card is tested on default equipment (KamAZ 4310, Kraz 256). Dirt on the map 5%. It is better to pass the map in multiplayer with the team. Alone it will be very difficult, maybe someone will not deliver the garage parts, you will kill in one more than 10 hours.

On the map:
– Many third-party objects;
– 1 garage (closed);
– 2 fuel stations;
– 1 automatic loading of logs;
– 3 manual loading;
– 6 sawmills;
– 10 points of intelligence;
– 5 cars at the start (replaceable);
– 9 pieces of equipment on the map (including trailers).

On the 1st and 6th files there is a ROAD, you need to find, they are hidden, it will not be easy to find.
Through the forest, and indeed somewhere I DO NOT ADVISE TO REDUCE.
You can drive everywhere, ALL THE CARD TESTED. You go quietly, you will continue, as they say.
In some places a winch may be needed up to 15 meters.
It’s realistic to open all intelligence points, as well as deliver the forest to all logs.
Ride slowly, slowly, there is a chance to kill the car, and then there is really nothing to repair them.
Pour all extra. tanks solarium, it can also be a problem.
Kamaz 4310 (default) passes absolutely everywhere on the map with a forest of 3 points.
It’s just not possible to drag a forest with a long dissolution or scandal on some files, the edge is 3-4 points of the forest.
Write what to add / remove / change, etc.
Have a nice hunt, guys!

P.S. Many thanks to everyone who does not spare their ext. objects for the map editor.


File Detail:286.6 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Forgotten Taiga 3 Map (Hard) v1.0 Download File
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