SpinTires Mudrunner – GAZ-53 “Bolotnik” 4×4 v23.03.18

GAZ-53 “Bolotnik” 4×4 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Upgraded GAZon designed for driving in a swampy and rugged terrain. Improved coupling of wheels with tirreynom and road.
Has its unique cargo: a huge pig (boar) weighing one and a half tons!
PS: Note the bug – write – fix it.
The machine is original, all copyrights are proven.
There is a view from the cockpit, steering wheel animations, frames, springs. The glass gets wet (from water).
There is a collision of bridges.

Mod has a good, within the realism, patency.
There are cargoes (boar (boar), bricks, concrete pipes), garbage truck, you can put the Ural crane.
Has its 15 add-ons (including goods) + 8 defaults
Trailers have an independent (from the machine) support plane, so be careful on the slopes and uneven surfaces – the trailer can roll over independently of the car (or vice versa, the car can roll over and the trailer stay on wheels) (for this function I thank Vlad Novitsky)

Primary 3d The model was taken in free access on the Internet.

Version 23.03.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v29.01.18):
– Improved coupling of wheels with tirreynom;
– Added electronic display;
– Improved loading / discharging of cargo;

Bogelman Dmitry (Bogelma)

SpinTires Mudrunner – GAZ-53 “Bolotnik” 4×4 v23.03.18 Download File
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