SpinTires Mudrunner – Head of Base 3 (Svinokompleks) Map v1.0

Head of Base 3 (Svinokompleks) Map v1.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
This time you are the director of the pig complex. You have a lot to do. Namely:
– Bring a pumpkin to the pigsties (Svinarnik), there was a good harvest this year – on average you need two cars.
– Bring the bar from the sawmill to the base (Baza) – 6 pcs.
– Take the slate to the warehouse (Sklad), the roof on the pigsty leaked out – 10 pcs.
– Take the cells to the forester (Lesnik) – 6 pcs.
– The most important thing is to find cells with pigs (they systematically run away, the forester catches them) and take them to veterinarians (Vetirenary) and check them back at home – 10 pieces, the map shows the location of the cells with blue dots. For loading unloading we use EO-3323 (author Alex Glushak). Attention! Do not press “Return”, the excavator will be lost – fold manually.
For loading unloading the rest of VolvoLM218 (author Yuri Eremchuk (byPra), finalizing Shashok75, chekhrak) addons Psix19rus.

The map also includes:
GAZ-53 (author pokemone) – it is not worth it to discount, has good cross-country ability and, most importantly, enviable economy.
MAZ-501 (author pokemone) – in three versions (repair, fuel tanker, airborne).
GAZ-63P (author of msergt).

On the map there is:
7 saws
1 refueling

The map is made on the basis of the map “Special breed. Processing “- I express gratitude to Shurik Kudinov for the provided source code.
I also thank everyone who helped to create the map, namely: Psix19rus, Maxim Elistratov (msergt), chekhrak, Alexey Glushak.


File Detail:237.5 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Head of Base 3 (Svinokompleks) Map v1.0 Download File
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