SpinTires Mudrunner – Head of The Base 4 (Classic) Map v2.0

Head of the base 4 (classic) Map v2.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
This version does not require installing SpinTiresMod.
Everything as usual. You are the head of the base, and as always you have a lot of worries.

To-do list:
1. Restore 2 refueling – take containers (watch the video).
2. We decided to organize a recreation area – we need to take 4 units of living modules (see the video).
3. Transfer the environmental laboratory to another location. We transport it and the generator
(Each trailer has 4 points, for a loner in case of losing a trailer there is one more
a generator, but environmentalists either drank it, or stole their wheels from it). We ship KrAZ into any body, unload on-site, attach, close the file.
4. It is necessary to pick up the equipment from the refinery plant for repair – take 4 pieces to the base.
5. Transfer crusher from one pit to another (like gold found there). Need to crush
breed – for these purposes there is a MAZ-535 (watch the video). The optimal path is indicated by arrows.
(but he is not the only one).
6. Collect the core from the drill and take 10 pieces to the helicopter, the boxes are scattered around the map. We collect
KrAZ loader (Avtonomka can also load them). Search will have well
There are 12 of them on the map – you need 10 pieces to load. Immediately I say that they are not in the swamps. We are looking visually. We focus on the drilling machines, they can be seen from afar. Unloading in the vicinity of the helicopter.
7. After the flood, there was nothing left of some bridges – along the way we set up bridges for the passage.

The map has the following transport:
MAZ-535, 2 pcs (for transportation of the crusher);
KAMAZ-5350 2 pcs (has a body with folding sides for loading / unloading cargo). Posted by: Psix19rus
KamAZ-43501 Airborne 2 pcs (repairman and tanker). Posted by: Psix19rus
KrAZ-260 4 pcs (2 loaders and 2 bridges). Posted by: msergt
New Holland W170C 3 pieces (for loading / unloading cargo). Authors: chekhrak, Psix19rus, yansors
Gantry crane (for loading goods). Posted by: группа mBiG
The side semitrailer with folding sides is sewn.
Polupricep_bort for loading / unloading the carriage of goods (put on all mods that take standard semi-trailers). Authors: Muzden, Darius.
Used trailers authors Psix19rus, Max Dmitriev (MaximDm67).
There are also 4 free slots for your mods. Set or with the side (preferably with folding sides),
or with standard hitches and semi-trailers.

ATTENTION!!! In the garage you do not need to sort out semi-trailers and trailers. Immediately set and everything else happens
the loss of bridges on the map – will have to drag from the garage.
I also thank everyone who helped in creating the map, namely: Psix19rus, Maxim Elistratov (msergt), chekhrak.
Those who do not want (can not) ship manually (skill, of course, a certain need is needed), please pass by

Version 2.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
Fixed a bug with the bridge.


File Detail:210.0 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Head of The Base 4 (Classic) Map v2.0 Download File
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