SpinTires Mudrunner – I’ll Give The “Bull” in Good Hands

I'll give the "bull" in good hands mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
I will give it in good hands for finishing work, it was made almost from scratch, because I don’t demand to indicate copyright, unless I give thanks for providing a raw, even wet model
This unit was made for a long time and was not completed as you see, so do not hit hard, but since I do not plan to complete it – I post it for everyone “as is”. I also did not sweep, laziness, but in principle there is a fairly simple topology, so you can do it if necessary.

Requirements for use: (just as a formality, but still)
The use of the model in whole or in part ONLY in publicly available modes, with the exception of the reservations described below:
use in private mods is possible only after laying out at least in a reduced form, but in working condition in the general access by the author of the private mod.
Using the model in a private mode is possible if the private mode becomes publicly available within a month.
Use in private mods is possible if the model is a decoration, for example, on a map.
Use the author of the mod with the model “for myself”, that is, without distribution, as you like.

And I beg you, the model is raw, in some places with jambs, do not even think of pushing it into the game as it is, there is enough garbage


File Detail:560 KB / ZIP
SpinTires Mudrunner – I’ll Give The “Bull” in Good Hands Download File

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