SpinTires Mudrunner – KAMAZ-4310 Crawler truck

KAMAZ-4310 Crawler truck mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
The mod is invented and made on the basis of the default KamAZ-4310. For the demonstration in the game, I post the test version, in order to learn interest in this fashion, whether it is worth developing it, leave your comments.
It has 17 standard addons.

Co-author of the mod: Silent (in the future will develop this mod, for which he thank you very much)

Warning: This mod will not work without SpinTiresMod.exe

Who cares, change and improve, we just “for”.
Everyone enjoy the game.

Vasya Karpov (vasia_b4)

File Detail:3.2 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – KAMAZ-4310 Crawler truck Download File

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