SpinTires Mudrunner – La Luna 3 Map

La Luna 3 Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Map size 24×24 (768mx768m)

La Luna3 v1 is a up and top mountain level with small roads and tight corners, lot of water, mud
and even a swamp. you have 8 trucks available, 2 selectable. The other 6 trucks are divided over
the level. most of the trucks are badly damaged or are in difficult positions (or both).
You start is at the garage.
I made new models for this level, bridges to cross the (big) waterfalls and a crane on the log site.
But they are heavly. It is possible that the game will freeze for a moment. There are not many custum
models in la luna 3, most of them are rocks. The map is not big, BUT from the garage to the logging
site to farest lumber mill and back to the garage is a road distants of +10.000m!

And again i have mutch fun creating la lune 3, i hope you will have much fun playing la luna 3.

On the map:
Lot of mounten roads, water, mud & lots of side seeing
– 8 trucks (2 free slots)
– 1 garage (open)
– 1 refueling (at the garage)
– 5 lumber mill
– 1 logging site
– 1 log kiosk
– 3 flag


SpinTires Mudrunner – La Luna 3 Map Download File

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