Spintires Mudrunner – LuAZ-969M v20.01.18

LuAZ-969M car mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Differences from the version of the DLC: 
– the correct operation of the original suspension.
– 3 Different colorings.
– Small differences in the model (strips on the sides, the inscription “LuAZ” in the front, the dashboard, the glass frames, the presence of glasses when seeing from the cab, etc.).
– Its original sound.
– Animated mud flaps.
– Textures of higher resolution.
– Quality interior.
– Correct attachment of the reserve.
– Animation of sun visors.

From the “pluses” we get a winch from UAZ and a sound from ZAZ, a frantic elevator and soap texturing.

Mod has 5 of its addons + 4 standard, its own sound, detailed interior, the animation of the original suspension, steering fists, mud flaps, awning.

P.S. Possible minor bugs in the behavior of the wheels, tk. on the game mechanics they are not adapted to the correct lever suspension and its behavior.
P.S.S. Unfortunately, we have to put up with the horizontal rudder, tk. the game does not support corners for cars.

The author of models, textures, envelope – MaximDm67.
The author of the sound is SimKA.

Max Dmitriev (MaximDm67)

Spintires Mudrunner – LuAZ-969M v20.01.18 Download File

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