Spintires Mudrunner – Mountain Pass 2018 Map Part 2

Mountain Pass 2018 Map Part 2 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Hello all! This is second map in campaign “Mountain pass 2018”, enjoy!

Honey juice * was dark and tart, the small remnants of honeycombs and bees in the drink only muddied the mind,
but did not induce vomiting.
– Okay, guys, I’m home – it was time, the work was not heavy, but it shook my nerves, Mikhalych liked to throw
something is not simple.
You left the cafe and crunched into the snow in the snow …
In the silence of the night, the phone pierced the phone, – Well, who is there, the guys are just spoiling again ..
“Unknown caller” is lit on the display.
“Hello, Mihalych, are you again?”
– And who else? You fellows did a good job!
“You would not call me if you did not want to,” you laughed.
– The governor called, behind the pass sat surveyors, something there is exploring …
– And what is it to me, Mikhalych, let them investigate, then why should I?
“You’re not behind anything, you’re bringing them woods.”
– What do you need the forest for? – it started to smell something, Mikhalych will pay, but twice in a row … He and he has sensible guys without you.
– They are building some towers for equipment, they need to take four cars, the village chairman asked,
and the governor sent him a request, another machine will be needed in the village to the administration.
– Mihalych, can not your guys drive?
— No! – he broke off abruptly: – they will not take me, my boys just barely drove to the gatehouse, I do not know how you managed there,
but we managed to get to the lodge, there was a bridge in the process, now we’ve finished the bridge, you’ll reach the guards and find out what’s going on.
“Listen, we’ll agree on payment, or mountains, earthquake was, since the bridge fell down, what could be there?”
“Do not worry about payment, what has been covered up and where to find out, you find out from the watchman of the roadway, the forest is lying by the lodge, you’re not going?”
“I’m going!” – you, of course, doubted, but the next days of orders still was not, and payment from Mihalych was quite good.
*The next morning*
You were standing by the lodge, the UAZ guard was in place, and KrAZ with the carpet he did not drive away anywhere, but here is the guard
there was no place … Time passed, there was not a soul around, the forest lay, the house was closed, even the dog did not. We must go, or wait …
In the end, you decide to go … Where, how, in the course of the matter, we will understand four machines to surveyors, one car to the village, everything is simple!

* – this game scenario does not promote alcohol, but due to realism, “Honey Juice” means mead

Overview of map:
The size of the map: 512m x 1024m

Objects on the map:
1 garage (closed)
1 loading point + 1 loading of logs
0 petrol stations (there is a gasoline truck on the launch point)
5 sawmills
7 points of exploration

Transportation on the map:
A-469 (open, repair kit)
C-4310 – 2 pieces (one with a crane and dissolution, the second with a dissolution)
C-260 (closed, petrol tanker)
C-131 (closed, garage parts)
C-432010 (closed, coupler)
B-66 (closed, repair kit)

Multiplayer: not tested
The map was tested on stock cars.
If you have difficulties with the passage, go to the hitch in 2 cars, one with logs, one without.

First map can be downloaded here:

Aleksey zurisar Vorobev

Spintires Mudrunner – Mountain Pass 2018 Map Part 2 Download File

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