SpinTires Mudrunner – Severe Taiga 3: Bogs Map v14.09.18

Severe Taiga 3: Bogs Map v14.09.18 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
The third location from the cycle “Severe Taiga”. This time you will face a swamp, or rather with a few already green outdated reservoirs. To cross them directly do not advise – the swamps are usually deep and viscous.
The plot is as follows: Three drivers got into an accident and “killed” their cars. Accordingly, all the fuel has also leaked out. You are showered on two super tractors (MZKT and MAZ-4310) with fuel barrels. Somewhere in the middle of these marshes there are two cars with garage parts. But as luck would have it, they ran out of gas on the way to the garage. It will be necessary to go on these same Mazes and fill the “dead trees”.
Then you will need to get to the garage and unlock it by delivering the garage parts. Well and further business for small – reach to the garage the broken cars or transport a wood on a default transport.
On the map there are only two sawmills, but this does not make it easy. Sometimes you have to suffer.
Players with weak nerves go by, but the game is not for them.
There is no road between the loading of logs and saws, they will have to be laid, in fact. And on those roads that there are (two or three), you will encounter many obstacles. Also there are old two-trackers, once here they went on something small (narrow gauge).
Neither a nail on a staff! Let’s hit the road!

Size: 1024 by 1024 meters.

On the map:
1 garage (closed)
1 refueling
1 fellowship + 2 loading points
2 sawmills
several cars + 3 slots for cars (when changing to the passage is not affected)
6-7 points of exploration

PS: The map is displayed for general review and tests. Please write about shortcomings, bugs, shortcomings and just wishes. Demonstration of the card on video hosting only with the permission of the author (I will file complaints on those who I do not like.) A joke, but it’s better to coordinate.)


File Detail:59.5 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Severe Taiga 3: Bogs Map v14.09.18 Download File

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