SpinTires Mudrunner – Sound of Air Discharge Zil-130 And Zil-131 V1.0

Sound of Air Discharge Zil-130 And Zil-131 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
A script for the sound of dumping excess air from receivers is added; it is displayed in a separate registration, earlier in the game the sound of dumping air from the brake system was used. There are 3 folders in the archive: classes, scripts, sounds. We’ll drop the last two folders into any ZIL mod (not default), open the file from the classes folder with the trucks subfolder and copy AirHissInterval = “8.0” and into the Sounds section of the mod. This air discharge can be added to any downloaded mod by adding your own sound and registering what is written above.

AirHissInterval = “8.0” – Air Relief Interval
AirHiss Sound = “perdun” – perdun is the name of the file, which is located in the folder sounds
To reduce or add sound, go to the scripts folder and open the truck.lua file, press Ctrl F and enter C_SoundSetVolumeMultiplier (truck.soundAirHiss, 3.0 * envSoundsVolumeMult). In the found line, change 3.0 * to a larger or smaller value (A larger one means that the sound will increase)


File Detail: 101 KB / 7Z
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