Spintires Mudrunner – Spmsaves – Managing Game Save at Any Time

Spmsaves – Managing Game Save at Any Time mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

The softphone is written to back up the game save to the folder you specified and return to the site, if necessary.
For what it is necessary – sometimes at the start of the game the spoils are spoiled or simply there is a desire to save the save and return to it if something goes wrong – so, just run the program and save the saves where you want and in case of what – return them to the place .
I wrote for myself, but suddenly someone comes in handy.

How this creation works: 
– The first line with the paths and the button “specify the path to the saves” – here you specify the path to saving the game itself (C: \ Users \ YOUR USER_ID \ AppData \ Roaming \ SpinTires MudRunner \ UserSaves \), if you do not know the paths click the “Restore default paths” button
– The second line and the button “Specify where to save” – ​​here you specify your folder, in which you want to add your own save, from here they will return to the game back
– Button “Save” – ​​saves the game in your folder
– “Download Saves” “returns your save back to the game
– checkbox” skip spoiled saving “protects against the copying of zero or spoiled saves, can be removed, then spoiled will copy

PS: Original idea: STORM.45 , but in its batch file it is not very convenient to change the way that if something goes wrong – n Inat me, preferably not much. And if everything is fine – thanks to him, it is desirable a huge


Spintires Mudrunner – Spmsaves – Managing Game Save at Any Time Download File

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