SpinTires Mudrunner – Up to 7 Sweat Map v1.0

Up to 7 Sweat Map v1.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
On the map:
– 1 garage (closed)
– 1 gas station
– 3 cars at the start

Map size: 1024×1024 meters.

The card was tested for default (maz5317), there are dangerous areas with unfinished bridges, but it’s difficult to drive realistically, tested personally. There are two options to get, 1st swamp on an overgrown road, 2nd for those who do not like to knead the dirt, but have to build a makeshift out of a pair of logs, well, it is desirable to stock up on fuel. Good luck!


File Detail:35.0 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Up to 7 Sweat Map v1.0 Download File

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