SpinTires Mudrunner – Update Graphics

Update graphics for Spintires: MudRunner.
Small graphics update
– New autumn and summer grass (instead of default, new soil textures for this grass, as well as new
textures of concrete and asphalt (more detailed).
– The view from the cabs of default cars now without hellish glare in sunlight (the windows are not so muddy, which is why
there was light; the effect of distortion on the glasses still remains, but it can be turned off in the settings).
– Fixed a flying fog that glowed with a hell of a hell.
“The sun is shining all day, no clouds, moderate atmospheric mist.” The night is dark but saturated. Foggy morning.
– The main feature of the bright day to use for its implementation only means of the game.

No additional gadgets are required to improve the brightness, color and other things such as SweetFX, etc., with
which are possible on the weak PCs (for example, I have). But if postprocessing is still required, then
You can use it with this mod (the picture with SweetFX can be squeezed much juicier, since
in this mode, a neutral color palette is used for color correction, that is, the picture is displayed as it is, without color fallout as in the default palette, which gives a gray picture).

In this mode, the env_lut_day_sunny__vol_uncmp.dds file is responsible for the palette.

All files from the TextureCache folder should be placed in the TextureCache.zip archive in the replacement folder.
Place the classes folder in the Media folder or the Media.zip archive agreeing to a replacement.


File Detail:6.3 MB / ZIP
SpinTires Mudrunner – Update Graphics Download File

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