Spintires Mudrunner – Ural-43206 Truck v10.02.18

Ural-43206 Truck mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

The basis is Ural-43206 from Den Huan :
Cool car! It’s bad that they forgot about it quickly (((
– addons added
– I did not change much, some mistakes were fixed, so it’s fine.)

Mod contains 4 cars, differing in color and wheels,
8 of their add-ons + 13 standard

Version 10.02.18 for Spintires: MudRunner (v11.12.17):

The Urals are divided into four colors and two variants of the wheels.
Fixed a tendency to tumbling, changed the steering characteristics.
Fixed loading area, removed some addons.
Fixed the possibility of installing addons into each other.
Decreased cheating rates.
Other minor changes and changes.


Spintires Mudrunner – Ural-43206 Truck v10.02.18 Download File

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