SpinTires Mudrunner – Ural plots 2 Map v2.1

Ural plots 2 Map v2.1 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
The second map in the editor – 32 32
Residents of three villages in this area have not received support from the authorities for a long time, they wanted to build a reserve in this zone, so there was only one logging plot left, it was forbidden to cut down forest elsewhere – a large fine was imposed for this. Rebel residents
they staged a pogrom and dismantled a part of the equipment, drained the fuel, threw it in the woods, in connection with this it was decided to install the 3rd block of the post. After a huge period of time from the torrential rains, part of the roads turned into mud, wetlands appeared. There is no place to repair, the garage is empty, there are no spare parts. And now, finally, help came from a nearby city.

4 cars and 3 vans with spare parts for the garage, and, of course, the most experienced drivers were delivered by sea to this section.

On the map:
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 1 Refueling
– 1 Timber
– 1 loading point (2 goats)
– 6 Sawmills
– 8 Intelligence Points
– 4 cars at the start (replaceable)
The archive version of the map 2: summer and autumn.

1) At long breaks of 8 points will be hard, do not drive.
2) Expected shortage of fuel, it is recommended to put the tankers in the marsh area.

Version 2.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v19 / 11/18):
Envelope maps for the latest version of the game with the permission of the author. The map did not move, all on its “copyright” places. There are two versions in the archive: Summer and Autumn. All enjoy the game.


File Detail:87.7 MB / RAR
SpinTires Mudrunner – Ural plots 2 Map v2.1 Download File

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