SpinTires Mudrunner – Winter for Mapmakers v1.4

Winter for mapmakers v1.4 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Greetings to you Lord, this assembly of textures and registrations is intended for cardmakers. I was tired of kneading the dirt. I decided to try changing textures for myself, showed people like them, ride himself very much, it seemed to me that something unusual and native was because I live in Central Russia, shared with a friend, A friend said let’s try to make better textures, helped with textures, this is the result.

1) First of all I changed the texture of the material and the extruder, and many other textures that are responsible for the dirt in the game. (Snow)

2) Changed exhaust, added more exhaust time delay, I made exhaust at idle white smoke, more white during vehicle movements, all the same frost, there was an idea to warm up the time, I haven’t found a solution yet, let’s say the more the car works less white smoke.

3) Added materials for cardmakers overlays are different and so on … (Winter)

4) Removed lumps (dirt of snow) they are taken here – https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/spintires-mudrunner-remove-pieces-of-dirt-from-the-wheels/ is present in the archive, you can not replace, a good look for an amateur.

5) Dirty more Car snow

6) Added frost on the glass from the inside, to be honest as it is, I didn’t really like to see it worse, although it doesn’t interfere, as I don’t see the meaning of a first-person ride in this game, who’s stopping you can remove the texture name, “env_windshield_detail__s_d .dds ”

7) Sounds of trees, winter birds singing, wind, wolves, dogs, etc … are added to the sounds of the surroundings of the day and night …. The sounds of mud are altered to the creaking of snow, I don’t know guys I’m not a pro, but it looks good.

8) Little physics has been reworked, namely the very dirt))) Yes, don’t kick me hard for it, because you can not put it and not offer it in a place with a card to your players, believe me without it will be no worse than a sensation, on the contrary hardcore I would say, because I made it easier, namely, I lowered the resistance and added the depths of mud it’s snow, and other little things, because snow is lighter than mud, I made such a decision, and this is still being tested, the file itself is responsible for the physics of dirt you can not put, I repeat it will not harm you file – “media.xml”

I want to add Recycle Ice, make it a brush, so far everything is tight with it, because there are a lot of pitfalls, no slip so far it depends on materials, I personally don’t want to disturb this topic, because it’s full of ice materials, most likely it will be replaced on tint, with tint has not been played yet on this as there will be free time, I will think what to make of it.

Mod recommend using the build of “Chesnokov Dmitry (Dimon64rus)” https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/spintires-mudrunner-winter-in-mudrunner-v2-0/

At the expense of the Estrudes Lord, I would like to know your opinion, because it was very difficult to select and balance the color, how would you do? And what you lack is ready to discuss here with you. There are many options, though one thing hinders the other, logically, you have to look for a middle ground.

Added a corridor map to understand visually what it is.

Replace in the editor TextureCache.zip, for visibility.
Replace Media with material for cards, who have an older version already have v1.2 update with replacement, with v1.3.
Replace in the client “Media.zip” “MeshCache.zip” “TextureCache.zip”
Remember it all depends on you, do as you want, do not be afraid to raise the landscape, make snowdrifts, smear snowdrifts, sincerely smear from your heart, because you want to do the map yourself, but it’s harder to do no doubt, but it’s nice)))) GOOD LUCK! !!

Version 1.4 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
Added new snow particles.
Recycled dust particles on the snow.
Recycled snow blast – color (Color).


File Detail:RAR / 174.3 MB
SpinTires Mudrunner – Winter for Mapmakers v1.4 Download File
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