Spintires Mudrunner – Zlatoust Neighborhood Map v03.02.18

Zlatoust Neighborhood Map mod for Spintires Mudrunner.

Hmm, all in the collection? In short, now all together we will go to the Chelyabinsk region .. I went there for reconnaissance, took the official Oise – as a result, left it there .. Muzhiks, you will have plenty to enjoy steep and not very ugors and also to see their beautiful river, appeared after the meteorite hit. The main thing without knowing the ford – do not go into the water, and then to the Oise and the rest will add … Winches grease! They will be useful to you there on hillsides. Everything, quickly start – we’ll finish it soon!

32×32 (1 x 1 km) Map – player order “Timofey”, on the map of the gas station, Soviet plant, small village, hills, fords, ugors .. Hard places .. You can try on an incomplete drive, but I would not .. The map is run on Oise, the Urals and Kraz. Bugs and Errors are not seen.

1 Closed garage (Find Trailer on the map).
1 Loading point (Kiosk + automatic).
3 Starting transport + 5 Other cars on the map (including Kirovets and UAZ).
5 Sawmills (Spread across the map).
8 Points of intelligence.

Весёлый Одиночка

Spintires Mudrunner – Zlatoust Neighborhood Map v03.02.18 Download File

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