SpinTires – Sounds from The Dubrovka Map v1.0.0

Sounds from the Dubrovka map v1.0.0 mod for Spintires.
The name of the mod speaks for itself … Sounds are taken from the mod. This mod replaces in the game the sounds of opening intelligence points, opening a garage, unlocking equipment, and ending a game.
Installing the mod: we throw the sounds folder into the game, into the Media folder, with a replacement if necessary.
Deleting a mod: deleting the “game” folder from the “sounds” folder in “Media”.

P.S. This mod is my first experiment with sounds that came out – it turned out … Please do not boo and do not throw rotten fruit


File Detail:10.1 MB / RAR
SpinTires – Sounds from The Dubrovka Map v1.0.0 Download File

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