SpinTires – Standard Transport SV v2

Standard Transport SV v2 mod for Spintires.
At the request of the players who asked me and wrote to make the default transport game and with a view from the cab.

I changed the passability for the better and added a bit of power and throughput, you can drive without all-wheel drive, reduced fuel consumption in some cars, adjusted the gearbox, removed the whistle on KAMAZ vehicles, added standard addons for default vehicles. Now you can play on any cards

(Attention! Replaces all standard transport in the Media folder).

Version 2 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):
Added addons with MudRunner from FURKAT and I still don’t remember where I took, the suspension was changed,
tweaked gearbox on car. Made for myself, if anyone wants to ride.

(Attention! Replaces all standard vehicles and wheels in the Media folder).


File Detail:69.4 MB / 7Z
SpinTires – Standard Transport SV v2 Download File

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