Supply Trailer Solid/Fluid V0.1 Cattle And Crops

Supply Trailer Solid/Fluid mod for Cattle And Crops.

Since I was missing the possibility of a transfer wagon I tried to create one. In the current version, overloading from wagon to wagon or seeder is not possible (at least for me). But the constant driving was too much for me and after 3 fields the fertilizer was gone. Then every time the save game reload I had also no desire. Therefore, I created this fantasy trailer (also as an exercise as a CNC newbie).

On the left side there are the solids: seed + fertilizer.
On the right side there are the 3 liquid fertilizer types (organic).
The trailer (model of MBB) uses the seller function (also MBB) and also the original prices. The stocks are also a bit larger and should the available amount fall below a minimum, then after 1 day everything is also replenished.

Unfortunately, the loading function of the seller does not work correctly. Therefore:
Drive with the device into the sales trigger
Select type (Seed, Fertilizer or Organic Fertilizer on the other side)
Disconnect the device and count seconds. Overload 250kg of solids or 2000kg of liquids per second
Couple => device is filled with quantity = number of seconds * overload quantity/s
10 seconds thus result in e.g. 2,500 kg fertilizer NPK 15-15-15 or 20,000 kg slurry


File Detail:22.8 MB / ZIP
Supply Trailer Solid/Fluid V0.1 Cattle And Crops Download File
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