The Bucker Mud-Dog V2.53 SnowRunner

The Bucker Mud-Dog mod for SnowRunner.

C.C.M. is proud to present the “Bucker-Mud Dog”, The Mud-dog is a snow cat fitted with 2 sets walking beam axles and tires instead of pontoons and tracks, While not quite as versatile as the tracked version. The mud dog version is still very capable, and sure to impress your friends. Built at the Co-Core Custom Shop all the way back in 1986, and was one of the first builds done in the custom shop.

Model made from scratch by me other than the two little pieces of voron-template frame and links for the rotating assemblies.

Many thanks to those who use my mods as well as those who help in the making of them.

stop on over at the IX hub to find me in my channel there along with channels for many other SR modders.

As with all my mods. please dont take and reupload anything i’ve built as your own. if you want to learn how to make mods. put the work in. that’s what everyone else had to do.


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