The Most Funny Atari Games

funny_atari_gamesAlmost all of the children, even sometimes adults, were a big fan of atari games especially during the 1990s. Everyone was talking about the funny games, when friends, families, relatives come together their first choice was to play atari games together. Because they were really fun and with the technology that is not devoloped as today, people saw atari games a big entartainment source and a valuable technology. With the development of new technological devices and systems, unfortunately, atari games are defeated by the time. Still, remembering atari games always make feel special and emotional to those who experienced these times. So, what were the most famous atari games? There was a lot, let’s look at some of them.
Outzone: In terms of arcade type of atari games, this games was the most famoust one. There was a blonde hair guy and there was “P”. When you earn from these “P” s the weapon of this guy become larger. On the other hand, there was “SP” s. Green SP was meaning of energy, blue SP was for speed up and purple one was for apron.
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: This was another adventure games atari of the time. In one side, there were Cadillacs, on the other side there was dinasours. There were 4 players. These guys were, a handsome guy, very strong but relatively slower guy, a guy with a hat and a girl who had not chosen by the players that much. The hardest part of the game was, the level bosses.
Punisher: A well-known story and it was time for revenge for Punisher. There was a guy with him who was an addict of smoking. Two of them were attacking all the enemies together. The level bosses were very difficult in this game as well. Last but not least, there was an unforgettable robot whose head was exploding.
Robocop 2: When we are counting the epic atari games, it would be a big shame if we do not mention this game. There was a blue Robocop next to our normal Robocop in order to play this action games multiplayer. There were great weapons in this game such as crazy bazookas, bombs. There were also bonus tours. One of them was with a car and the other one was with a motorcycle.
Sunset Riders: Another big game was Sunset Riders. The epic team of 4; Steve, Billy, Bob and Carmano. People’s favourite one was Billy because his weapon power was very good and he looked like the leader of that 4. There were really difficult parts in this game. Especially, the Indian uncle caused great difficulties to players.
Captain Commando: Mack the mummy was the favourite character of the players in that game. He was carrying two knives. But the main guy was the blonde American, Captain Commando. No matter how you finished the game, with ninja, or with baby, this guy was standing against you. It might be the most difficult game among the atari games above.

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