The Risoux Forest Map V1.1 FS22

The Risoux Forest Map V1.1 mod for FS22.

Version 1.1:
– The map now works on consoles.
– The flying trees have been replanted correctly by the gardeners.
– Added planks for purchase in the shop.
– Selling prices have been adjusted in easy mode.
– Added equipment and area for logging in easy mode.
– Added 20 cheese crates hidden on the map yielding a bounty.
– Adjusted the weather to have more snow in winter.
– Recutting of several forest areas into smaller areas and enlargement of the borders of the fields.

The map includes:
– 40 forest areas of different sizes.
– 19 fields.
– 1 shop to buy and sell your productions.
– 1 sawmill.
– Specialized missions.
– 25 new npc portraits.

Old saves are not fully compatible with this new version.


The Risoux Forest Map V1.1 FS22 Download File
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