The Truth Behind Spintires: The Original Game

Dear Spintires Community, I know how frustrating it’s been for you not hearing from me or receiving any updates for Spintires, and I’m sorry there’s been such a long delay. I’m pleased to announce that we’re working on an update to Spintires, reinstating previously removed features, and adding new features and content. The first update is coming in April and will be followed by further regular updates, along with continued community support. Some of you have asked about the defamatory statements that appeared online after the extremely successful release of Spintires in June 2014 which led to false rumours, speculation and outright lies about Oovee Game Studios. I’m not going to enter into a public mudslinging contest over this, but I do want to address some of the fallacies behind the original Spintires indie hit. #1 Pavel was underpaid / not paid by Oovee Game Studios FALSE. Pavel was paid multimillion dollars by Oovee Game Studios for the work he did on Spintires per his contractual entitlement. #2 Spintires is Pavel’s game FALSE. Pavel assigned his rights in all his work to Oovee Game Studios. Pavel was the lead programmer and worked for Oovee Game Studios on the development of Spintires. #3 Pavel was the sole developer of Spintires FALSE. Pavel was one of many people who contributed and worked on Spintires over the years to bring the ultimate off-road simulation experience to fans. #4 Oovee Game Studios was just the publisher FALSE. Oovee Game Studios are the development studio and co-creators of Spintires. Our publisher was IMGN (although we did self-publish on Steam like you can publish your own book on Amazon). #5 Oovee Game Studios abandoned the original Spintires game FALSE. In June 2015 Saber Interactive approached Oovee Game Studios. This resulted in Oovee Game Studios granting certain rights in the game to Saber under a licence agreement. All rights in the game remained with Oovee. Pavel left Oovee Game Studios and went to work for Saber. Oovee Game Studios is currently working on updates to Spintires which it will release in the near future. #6 Spintires is owned by Saber Interactive / Focus Home Interactive FALSE. Oovee Game Studios are the sole owner of Spintires, including all code, visual aspects and assets, and the trademark. #7 Mudrunner / Mudrunner 2 are a different / separate games FALSE. Spintires: Mudrunner, Spintires Mudrunner American Wilds, and Mudrunner 2 are all derivatives of the original Spintires game, as acknowledged by the community, who associate these games with the original Spintires game. What’s next for the Original Spintires game? All this drama risks overshadowing a simple truth about the original Spintires game: it’s THE ultimate off-roading game. Putting all the drama to one side, the only real problem with the original Spintires game was its finishing touches. Starting with the update in April, and with many more to follow, this will be addressed, making Spintires a much more refined product than the first release, and as we continue to refine and develop Spintires moving forward we’ll also be adding new content and features to bring you MASSIVE value. We have some exciting announcements to follow, and if you’d like the inside scoop on the latest developments of Spintires, then join our official Spintires Facebook Group P.S. Let’s move forward and make the original Spintires game great again, just let me know in the comments below how you’d like to see the original Spintires game grow and evolve.

Zane Saxton - Spintires Visionary

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