Traffic Brazilian By Celio Peres ETS2 1.45

Traffic Brazilian by Celio Peres mod for ETS2 1.45.

Hey guys, we are leaving available for you our latest update for version 1.45 of the Brazilian and South American regionalized traffic of buses, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles made by me Celio Roberto Peres, based on the Jazzycat mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2:

Rafael Rosa with the new bus company skins
Aléx Schnaider and Fabiano Teixeira helped me with the choices of bus companies for our mod. Remembering that this mod that is being made available to you, works ONLY on EAA, Sul Paraná, Detail Map, and BR Brasil maps. But there is a mega pack of our traffic that is compatible with other maps such as Rotas do Nordeste, Bahia, Sertão, RJ Map, American BR, Estradas do Brasil, ORB, and Eldorado PRO.

This traffic is NOT compatible with the following maps: Rotas Brasil, Giant Map, RBR, Elite Road Map, RBR, Minas Gerais Map, and Ceibo Map.

Celio Roberto Peres foi o autor desta modificação que foi retirada de três mods do "mestre" Jazzycat, ajudaram neste mod os amigos Rafael Rosa com as skins dos ônibus, juntamente com Aléx Schnaider e Fabiano Teixeira com os conhecimentos sobre empresas de ônibus

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