Universal Autoload Wood Included V1.2.4.6 FS22

Universal Autoload Wood included v1.2.4.6 mod for FS22.


Fixed a game breaking issue when pallets were too tall to load
Missed out a return from the getLoadPlace() function when messing with the shipping containers yesterday, so trailer was stuck in an infinite loop trying to load a pallet that did not fit in the available load height.

v1.2.3.8 Latest
Was a very small fix in the end – changed an argument to the ‘removeDynamicMountedObject’ function from false to true

This specialisation is globally applied to all configured pallets and trailers.  There is no separate version of each vehicle to buy from the shop, and there is no configuration to select, it will just work on the supported vehicles.
If you already own a configured vehicle in your save game, then the autoloading specialisation will be applied with the mod, i.e. there is no need to sell and buy each vehicle again.  It can also be removed form all vehicles by simply removing the mod, your trailer will not disappear.
Base game supported trailers are defined in the file “SupportedVehicles.xml”.  For some trailers only certain configurations are supported, such as the bale trailer configuration (see list below).  It is a requirement that the vehicle must have the “tension belts” specialisation.
· Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
· Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
· BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
· BÖCKMANN KK 3018/27 H
· Demco Steel Drop Deck
· Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
· Fliegl DTS 5.9
· KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
· Kröger PWO 24
· LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
· Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)
· Salek ANS-1900 (bale trailer)

· Lizard Pickup 1986
· Lizard Pickup 2017
· Mahindra Retriever
· JohnDeer XUV865M
· Kubota RTV-XG850
· Kubota RTV-X1140
· Train (vehicle carriage)
· Train (timber carriage)
· Anderson Group M160
· Fliegl Timber Runner
· Kesla 144ND
· MAN TGX 26.640
· PONSSE Bison Active Frame


Universal Autoload Wood Included V1.2.4.6 FS22 Download File
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