Upper East Side V1.0

Welcome to a new world for you to take care of.
Its a normal size of the landscape with lots of mountains and beautiful scenary. The fields is handmade to challenge the farmer and his crew to harvest the grain, the fields size is medium to big with original fruits.
This map is great if you use coursplay and mulitplayer games. If you work alone you may use Autopilot on the machines when the fields has lots of different shapes.

The Master farm is located in the center of the map for better performance.
A new cowzone is placed at this farmyard where u can feed them. Lots of sheds to park your machinery in and all with it. there are two balshredders at the farm.
One in the cowstable at the back inside to the right wall and one between the shed and the little cowzone.

The old cowzone is still there where the milktruck is picking up the milk.
Theres two small towns where you can sell grain and by new equimpents. Bga is located nearby one of the towns.
The roads has a new layout and roadsigns.
All the features is working as in the original map.
To make the new cowzone to work, follow the instructions in the readme file.
All mods is inside this pack!

Credits goes to:
Eifok team
FMC mod created by kaosknite




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