Minecraft: You can’t make sense of why your kids love until you have experienced the world of blocks yourself. Minecraft is often referred as online kids puzzle games. Although you might think of these as very similar, there’s quite the difference. In Minecraft, you are building things with the block after you have molded the blocks yourself. You can then roam around what you had built and get chased by monsters and dinosaurs, sounds interesting right? And what do you do after you get tired of that? You just blow everything up and start over again. Why do Kids Love it? Kids mostly love it because it’s one of the best ways for them to show off their creativity. It’s a cool environment which has very few rules to go by. The game gives a first-person perspective so it’s amazing when you can roam around a world that you have created, do whatever you want and eat when you want. You can build your own shelters where you can be safe from all danger. Kids can feel their freedom to be wherever they want, explore and run around in a place that they built themselves. Minecraft Tower Defense is a very popular mode version on the internet. They are in charge of everything. They can decide when to destroy and what to destroy. The combination of construction and destruction makes this game much more fun than a kid can imagine. Little things like pounding on a tree trunk until it breaks with a pop gives a virtual bubble wrap feel. One of the main reason that it’s such an absorbing game is that it’s not just about building stuff and breaking it. You get to do things that aren’t so easy, so that makes the game a bit more challenging. It gives the right balance between rewarding and challenging. The game isn’t so easy that you get bored and it’s not hard so you get tired of trying. This feature alone makes it very engaging. For a lot of kids, Minecraft is much more than a brain training games. It’s a way for them to express themselves. What they choose to build, the type of adventures they choose, and everything that they do in the game is just a shadow of their own nature and character. They can individually stamp the game and have an connection instantly to a wide community of people of same creative minds.
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