Wysokie Brodno 4X V2.0 FS19

Wysokie Brodno 4X V2.0 mod for FS19.

A lot of things caught by the players could be improved, but probably some details remain somewhere.
I am not responsible for inept attempts to transfer the save to the new version of the map.

In version 2.0:
– Improved map lighting
– New distribution of soil types (from scratch)
– Clover hay
– The possibility of making silage from clover and alfalfa
– Standard silos for additional crops
– Standard silage silos (small), one for grass, chaff, alfalfa, clover and their hay (clover silage is made) and one only for alfalfa and its hay (alfalfa silage is made)
– Triticale can now be sprinkled on the ground
– Poles energy collisions already have a collision
– New colors of the grass base (the same as for painting)
– Improved the texture of the gates in static garages
– Enlarged the trigger to enter the store
– The shelter in the collection of Agrii Polska
– The texture of the grass has been changed

Fictional map “High Brodno” 4X in European style. Suitable for small, medium and large machines.
– Three farms;
– 248 different fields from 0.1 ha to approx. 18 hectares;
– 251 farmland;
– Soil 360 degrees;
– Large modern farm for breeding pigs and cows;
– A small farm focused on breeding horses and sheep, with a small number of buildings so that machines can be kept in the open, which can still be found on many Polish farms today;
– 5 flat meadows for building a farm from scratch (marked on PDA PB1 – PB5) 3 large and 2 smaller;
– Compatible with Seasons, MaizePlus, DLC Precision Farming, Straw Harvest;
– Additional crops: millet, rye, triticale, alfalfa, clover;
– Very varied terrain (high access roads, fields with certain heights, some are even exaggerated, etc.);
– 13 points of sale;
– There are forests. Not all of them can be bought so as not to spoil the landscape too much;
– Prepared for animal husbandry;
– Clean log;
– Funny Easter eggs;
– Traffic travels 50 km / h in the countryside and 30 km / h in villages and at intersections;
– Good optimization;
– Stable, pigsty and BGA interact with Wopster’s ManureSystem in a simplified way (no animated valves and other nonsense);
– Trees like Alpine.

Szarpi, ThatReider

File Detail:891 MB / ZIP
Wysokie Brodno 4X V2.0 FS19 Download File
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