18 WoS Across America Review

Long dusty roads, rusty, broken eye endings tırıyla adventure began blush America, came to my mind understands lack of sleep we hit left and right. "18 Whell of the stele across america", takes its place on the truck simulation games since a long time in the past. Players always wanted a new one, but we always wanted to gelişmişini. But have not forgotten where we were ever here. "18 Wos across america" nostalgia schemes were to continue. When we fancy graphics in the game, a simple click on the new game from the menu. Name writing, determine which city to start the game after entering the swatch to determine the company. The former, in some places rusty but still a solid long-nosed American tırını control, giving gras. "M" key to display the active load small map that we were going to do taşımacığı bi shipping company any closer to the city. Flatbed blue boxes on the delivery time, delivery charge and load information of what is taking place. Which city in which we want to load the trucks to drive towards. "T" key to long-haul trucks adventure started happening after connecting. Slowly drifting towards my truck in the city ring road, we keep tight control of the wheel of the truck pretty hard. Slowly, it's getting dark, lit lamps in the darkness of the night is falling raindrops continued our journey asvalt roads. Spent fuel, and every hill climb more challenging ramps, knowing that it is a descent landing brakes are used. We continue to travel to the city that we will deliver the correct way to load quickly. tank is empty after a certain distance from the nearest gas station to wait here we go. Slow down when we see the horizon again, by logging into the region where the gas station gas station and fill Our depots. In the meantime, continue Radyomuzda light-paced music. After Gasoline tedariğimizi also passed behind the wheel again to get the rest of the way. Air began to enlightenment ... way to shorten ...
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