ATS – Diamond Mines V1.50.1 (1.50)

Diamond Mines V1.50.1 mod for ATS1.50.

Adds slippery, snowy roads in Canada along with ice lake crossings and a connection to Alaska North to the Future [ANTTF, Included].
The version of ANTTF included has been modified and does NOT contain updates that are available in the newest version of Alaska North to the Future.
The version of ANTTF included is required for the Diamond Mines map to work.
The version of ANTTF included is the ONLY version of ANTTF that will work with the Diamond Mines map.
The Diamond Mines map will NOT work without the version of ANTTS that is included.
ProMods Canada is compatible, eastern Canada Maps are compatible.
All other Canada maps will NOT WORK.
All other map mods should be compatible.
I use C2C and Seirra Nevada and they are proven compatible.
All DLC required.

Load Order:
1. All other mods and maps mods in their respective load order.
2. K-DOG’s Diamond Mines v1.50.1
3. Alaska North to the Future [Included Version] [This will be the bottom of the mod manager.]


File Detail: 652 MB / ZIP
DOWNLOAD(Mirror Server #1) Report Post

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