Cat Lexion 500 Series V1.0.0.2 FS22

Cat Lexion 500 Series V1.0.0.2 mod for FS22.

-Adjusted decals
-Added more folding/unfolding sounds to grain bin
-Fixed brand issue in the store (would originally show up as Lizard...)

So this time, I want to share one of my favorite combines, the Caterpillar Lexion 500! This was developed sometime ago, but got dropped for a little bit. I finally got around to finishing it though, and can release it in a decent state now. There are still a few remaining errors, but nothing game/immersion breaking, I will try to work those out...

What's included:
-CAT Lexion 500 (Price: $260000) (Capacity: 12500L)
-F 1080 & F 1230 cutters (Width: 10.8m) (Width: 12.3m)



-Trelleborg standard & wide
-Michelin wide, dual and crawlers (changes the 0 to 5 for engine like in real life)

-Various number options
-Flags for Canada, US and Australia (will add more in the future...)
-Back warning triangle
-CB radio

I plan on adding more configuration options in the future, maybe let me know what you wanna see? Also, one quick note about the tracks, due to the wheel axle being attached to the main combine model, I had to move the tracks up a little, so the front leans forward a tiny bit. Don't worry, I also plan on fixing this in the future...

TDawg262, Ulukai, Couchtar

File Detail: 119.6 MB / ZIP
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