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FS19 – 2011 Ford F350 V1

2011 Ford F350 V1 mod for FS19. This is a remake with more options of the original f350 by the expendables modding teamaddsselection between flatbed, dually and single3 sets of wheelsliftplease let me know...


FS19 – Pickup Xm 2014 V1

Pickup Xm 2014 V1 mod for FS19. Changed default pickup Lizard XM 2014. Changes:– Added more engines;– Added new tires and wheels;– Added new colors: Ford T Black and Ford Blue;– Improved suspension for...


FS19 – Lizard Pu V1

Lizard Pu V1 mod for FS19. The Lizard 2014 pickup. I like it, but I did not like it. So I made it better. Added more engines. Added better tires. And rims. Shiny ones...


FS19 – Vaz 2112 V1

Vaz 2112 V1 mod for FS19.– Power: 91 kW / 124 hp;– Speed: 220 km / h;– The volume of the fuel tank: 120 l .;– Cost: 25 000 €;– Maintenance cost per day:...